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Sometimes a plastic bag is the best solution for the job.

So we use the best plastic bag there is.



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At Leo, we believe that keeping our garments clean, dry and protected before they’re worn is essential, and there’s no better solution for this than a plastic bag.

A circular, sustainable approach to packaging is essential for the future of our planet and so we partnered with Change Plastic for Good® to create the Leo Cares bag.

If our bags end up outside of the recycling loop, they feature an innovative biotechnology called BDP® from Change Plastic for Good®, which responsibly deals with the end of life:

  • BDP® tricks microbes into consuming the bag

  • Within the next few years, the bag becomes a source of food for microbes

  • No microplastics left behind, just compost and natural gas


- BDP® is an organic ingredient blended into Leo Cares bags that allows naturally occurring microorganisms in nature to consume the bags entirely. -

- Made up of natural organic nutrients and compounds found in nature. These compounds are food sources for microbes and BDP® tricks the microbes into thinking plastic is their food. -

- Just like a banana peel is food for microbes, so are our bags. What used to take centuries now takes a few years, as the microbes consume the entire bag, leaving only compost and natural gas behind and no microplastics. -


Change Plastic for Good® works with Parley for the Oceans and A Plastic Ocean Foundation, donating a portion of profits to fund ocean clean up, education and recycling initiatives. They hope to one day divert all non-recyclable plastics to facilities they will build, called ‘Anaerobic Digesters’.

Currently these digesters take in agricultural and food waste to create natural gas, fertilizer and compost as byproducts. This environment is perfect for BDP® plastics and is a game-changing shift in the way our plastic waste is disposed of. From linear to not only circular, but regenerative and we LOVE regeneration!

For more information on the science, check out

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Located minutes away from the North Devon Coast, we value our surroundings and take an active approach to reduce our impact. As a result, we are proud to partner with Surfers Against Sewage to fight against plastic pollution. We've joined the Ocean Network of like-minded brands united by our passion for protecting our beaches, waves and wildlife.




We deliver through DPD as their low carbon strategies stretch beyond electric vehicles and focus on many other areas such as: 


  • waste recycling 

  • recyclable packaging 

  • eliminating single use plastic 

  • reaching 100% renewable energy usage


Leo Workwear always aim to sea freight their products, only resorting to airfreight in extreme circumstances.

In the last year, Leo have transported 99% of goods via sea freight and are continually looking at ways to improve the carbon footprint of our freight.



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